Distinct Plus


Distinct Plus (DP),
 Educational Consulting Company is one of the experts developed organizations to provide all educational academic services and consulting for institutions.

Management and operation of schools

  • Description, analysis and design of software, databases and applications of all kinds
  • Designing and producing programs and applications, creating databases and electronic information systems, operating them, and training them
  • Production and development of embedded systems, operation and training on them
  • Developing intellectual property rights, including patents, designs and industrial designs
  • Providing administrative and educational consultations with individuals with financial accounts and an independent financial center for the activities mentioned in the Investment Law
  • Management and development of specialized consultancy and study centers in the fields of information and communication
  • Preparing economic and planning studies for industrial zones
  • Preparing economic, engineering and technological studies for projects

Why choose Distinct Plus ?

Learn in the largest international institutes by the most skilled teachers and language experts around the world. We seek - through our contracts and agreements with institutes, universities, and academic institutions - to raise the level of cooperation and create a competitive environment

  • Educational enrichment plans
  • Regular measurement of results
  • Carefully selected professionals
  • Aftercare services
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Distinct Plus


Qualifying individuals to provide them with the skills and knowledge to build a creative generation capable of building a better future.

Distinct Plus


Building a distinct entity to present the best forms of scientific knowledge and raise the scientific and cognitive level.

Distinct Plus

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