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Distinct Plus

District Plus Educational Consulting Company is one of the developed expert organizations to provide all educational academic services
and advice to institutions and individuals to study abroad, and has also established a large base of partnerships with prestigious universities and institutes around the world, which has so far helped thousands of male and female students.

The company provides all educational services for
all educational levels in various types of education

  • Pre-university education, such as presenting in schools, booking tests, giving courses, and following up on papers until the completion of the basic and secondary education stages.
  • University education The company helps the student to obtain scholarships in universities inside and outside Egypt.
  • Helping the student to enroll in universities and various majors outside Egypt if they are not located inside the country

Distinct Plus (DP), through its experienced staff and scientific qualifications, has been providing advice on academic and professional courses and programs for both educational institutions and students.

Study Abroad Services

  • Providing the best academic options, academic solutions and alternatives
  • Determine the most important, rare and distinguished academic disciplines
  • 100% admission guarantee in internationally accredited public universities
  • Completing the procedures of cultural attachés and consulates
  • Completing the certification procedures for academic documents
  • Completing the procedures of university administrations (Office of International Cultural Relations)
  • Reception of students at the airport
  • Providing study plans, preparing scientific research for master's and doctoral students
  • Providing lecturers explaining the most important points of the expected exams
  • Providing final reviews (the most important exam points)
  • Provide solutions and study plans for students
Distinct Plus


Qualifying individuals to provide them with the skills and knowledge to build a creative generation capable of building a better future.

Distinct Plus


Building a distinct entity to present the best forms of scientific knowledge and raise the scientific and cognitive level.

Distinct Plus

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