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District Plus Educational Consulting Company is one of the developed expert organizations to provide all educational academic services and advice to institutions and individuals to study abroad, and has also established a large base of partnerships with prestigious universities and institutes around the world, which has so far helped thousands of male and female students. 
  • Providing all educational services to institutions
  • Continuous experience and success
  • Focus on positive and sustainable change
  • Tailored educational opportunities
  • VIP services

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 provides all educational services for
all educational levels in various types of education .

  • Educational consulting
  • Securing educational university admissions
  • Preparing for the visa interview
  • Airport pick-up
  • Insurance and provision of housing
  • University degree equivalency
  • summer camps
  • Statement of purpose of the study
  • Management and operation of schools
  • Establishing and managing training centers

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Learn in the largest international institutes by the most skilled teachers and language experts around the world. We seek - through our contracts and agreements with institutes, universities, and academic institutions - to raise the level of cooperation and create a competitive environment

  • Educational enrichment plans
  • Regular measurement of results
  • Carefully selected professionals
  • Aftercare services
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